Hello, my name is Thomas Peters,

For as long as I can remember I have been playing basketball. I grew up in a basketball family.

I attended Tyler Street Christian Academy in Dallas . I led my team in scoring, assist and steals. Was Co-Newcomer of the year my junior year and won other awards like : 1st Team All-District(2X), 2nd Team All-State junior year and 1st Team All-State my senior year.

After high school I attended Mountain View College and had 2 successful seasons, won multiple awards, setting records,and was even named a Pre-season All-American. After graduating I attended a Division 1 NAIA university called University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO). After 2 more successful seasons I decided to play overseas. 

While playing overseas, I believe the Lord opened up my eyes and showed me what I have a passion for besides just playing the game. I had the chance to coach younger teams and train young players. I get excited when I see those players get better and put the training and drills into affect during the game. Sometimes I feel like coaching and training kids is more exciting than playing.


I've always told myself that if I was not playing the game that I would either be coaching or training and that's what I see myself doing with my life. Sharing everything that I have been taught over the years of my experience to the ones that want to learn and grow in the game and become better players and teammates.


Coach Thomas

T: 972-854-4128


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